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DhruboTaraa Productions is a Production House, leading you to the Destination of Dreams. We have started our journey since 9th August, 2016. The intention to start this production is to work on each and every form of creative art. We are working with various artists in both Theatre and Film Industry.
We are gearing up with new contents. Stay tuned.
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  • Hello People !!!
    I am glad to announce that DhruboTaraa Productions is working as a production house since 9th August, 2016. It is my pleasure to welcome you all and show you our new creative works. I always prefer to work with new talents.
    Being the founder and owner of DhruboTaraa Productions, I have a vision to create unique and entertaining content. My experience in the media industry helps me to develop our business perspectives. I have a strong partnership with my associates.
    I always try to maintain a fresh attitude that every team needs. I always try to make myself flexible and adaptable to current trends and popular culture so that people can get interested in it. I can assure not to create a content seen before for the Film and TV industry and make DhruboTaraa Productions a trendsetter in entertainment industry.
    Thanks for visiting our website!

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    Diptesh Dutta Founder/Owner, DhruboTaraa Productions



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